Saturday, January 20, 2007

Chapter 9

I've just noticed that the copy of TDVC from which I've been working is missing pages 311 to 324. I don't know who the original owner was (several people have come to stay and left their copies behind) but I can only guess at the use to which the dead leaves were put.

Anyway, in Chapter 9, we finally get to meet the female lead, who strides into the Louvre, "a haunting certainty to her gait", whatever that might mean. To be fair, Brown pulls a neat stunt here. Sophie Neveu arrives to solve the code, but brings with her a new, enigmatic puzzle, one that leaves Langdon just as befuddled as he was by the dead curator. And Brown wasn't to know that the warning she offers to Langdon - "Follow my directions very closely." - sounds, to British ears at least, dangerously similar to the repeated messages in 'Allo, 'Allo. Gorden Kaye as Langdon, maybe?


Blogger Spinsterella said...

I reckon the racheting up of the plot overrides the 'allo 'allo dialogue.

So what do we have now...

Langdon - the evil cops are monitoring him very closely. Why?

Sophie - She knows he is in danger. How? Why? etc.

I certainly want to know what happens next.

10:43 am  
Blogger Tim Footman said...

It does set things up nicely, Spin. Suspense, questions, the desire to find out what happens next. All key components of the thriller, present and correct, and well deployed.

The question is, does he deliver on them?

11:48 am  

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