Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chapter 22

And yet another pause to educate the reader. This time the factoids (the Rose Line, compasses, Greenwich, etc) are introduced in the form of the explanation that the mysterious 'Teacher' offers to Silas. Once again, the reader is encouraged to identify with one of the dimmer characters, although at least Langdon isn't a multiple murderer.

Unfortunately, this focus on the Rose (and the sign thereof) reminds the more alert reader of TDVC's rather more illustrious predecessor, The Name of the Rose. Accident, desire for association by implication, or massive hubris?

And I've decided to limit myself to one giggle per chapter at Brown's stylistic clunkers: "gasped with revelation"?

PS: Maybe Brown's apparent efforts to discredit the Roman Catholic Church haven't been all that successful, if the latest news that it's about to become the biggest religion in Britain is anything to go by...


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