Friday, March 02, 2007

Chapter 27

I'd better rein in the snotty comments about Brown's style, since yesterday saw a succession of e-mails from my father, gleefully pointing out infelicities in my own magnum opus.

We're back in Brown's terse mode, and the short sentences communicate the sense that Bezu Fache is bottling up one hell of an eruption (or, of course, a major stroke). We seem to have a pattern here: short bit; teachy bit; mad monk bit. But it works this time, as Bezu's confidence returns, and he thinks he's ahead of Langdon this time.

It's all terrifically exciting.


Blogger Joel said...

So, what age old secret that may shatter the very foundations of civilisation itself is encoded in Radiohead's albums? Tell us quickly before 'they' get to you!
Paranoid Android= Dad, Airdrop an ion...
Some kind of new bomb?

12:40 pm  

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