Monday, March 05, 2007

Chapter 28

Brown now starts to shake up the formula a bit. Chapter 28 is mostly didactic, with a bit of a thrill chucked in at the end.

He seems to have tired of conjuring up Langdon's old tutor groups, and this lecture (about the Malleus Maleficarum and the growth of misogyny in the world's major religions) is shoehorned in as a summary of the prof's thoughts as he attempted to decode the latest little jape from the Renowned Curator. There's even a bit of new age guff thrown in, as we ponder the third greatest gift to civilisation of the Hopi people (after ear candles and dream catchers) - koyanisquatsi.

Then there's a neat touch. As Langdon is contemplating how peachy life would be if the ladies had their turn in the saddle, a security comes in with a bloody great penis substitute, which he points at our hero, and threatens to fire.

From the seamy side of Catholic history to Freudian knob gags in just over a page. Don't let them tell you this isn't good value.


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Left wing thought is considered radical - hmm. No radical right-wingers then?

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