Thursday, May 17, 2007

Chapter 40

Still grappling with a mode of transport that is perversely un-American, Langdon still has time to construct a particularly crass metaphor. See, he's got a key, right. But it's also "quite possibly the key to his own freedom". Ouch.

In fact, even if the car's not automatic, his thoughts seem to be, as reams of tosh about the Templars, the Priory, Leonardo and King Arthur bounce around his brain. Actually, I shouldn't be so dismissive. As Joel pointed out in the last post, the tradition of the pigement-deficient patriarch (Albinoah?) has been kicking around for centuries. Which doesn't prove it's not bollocks, of course, but does show that it's not original.

"Langdon was thankful not to have shared his Templar church hopes with Sophie." No, Bob, but you didn't mind inflicting them on the rest of us, did you? "A career hazard of symbologists was a tendency to extract hidden meaning from situations that had none." Er, yes, quite.


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