Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Even Leonardo had to take a holiday...

In answer to the flurry of concerned messages (well, the one from Joel), Chasms of the Earth is not dead. I've just got rather a lot of stuff on: moving house; that book I wrote; a new online project that will (let us pray) be unveiled shortly.

So I'm just leaving Langford and Sophie and Silas and co hanging in mid-air for a while. Not sure how long "a while" is, but this blog will return.

Of course, it could extend into a Dan Brown-style extended writer's block. But let's hope, in this case at least) the wait will be worthwhile.


Blogger Joel said...

Wait, you've written a book? Why didn't you say about it before?

5:49 pm  
Blogger Valerie said...

As long as we don't have to be stuck in a bathroom...

5:34 am  
Blogger Billy said...

I await the return of Dan Brown with bated breath.

3:26 pm  

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