Sunday, May 20, 2007

Chapter 41

An updraft of mountainous air causes Bishop Aringarosa to regret that he has come to Castel Gandolfo wearing nothing but a cassock. Far be it from me to question the intelligence of such a man, but should he not have worn a LOIN SWADDLE? I mean, if that half-witted albino can remember to put on his pants, surely the Bish should be able to do it?

Anyway, in he goes, meets a fat secretary, and indulges in one of those deeply uncomfortable situations where both parties know what's going on, but never get quite to the point, simply to maintain an air of mystery for the reader. And then Aringarosa proceeds (morally or geographically or both or neither) to Paris.

Let's hope he pops into the Bois de Boulogne. There's an oily black man there (see Chapter 37) who can give him a few tips about appropriate undergarments.


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